Turnaround Process

Tailored Turnaround Program Based On The Following Building Blocks

  1. Grade portfolio, product and quality development, in line with the specified strategy
  2. Verifying and improving the effectiveness of marketing and sales channels
  3. Streamlining the production structure without losing flexibility; grade allocation directed by machine concept and internal logistics; high-return investments only
  4. Cost savings; developing mill operations structure; high-return investments only
  5. Eliminating root causes for technical disturbances; stabilizing processes; standardization; high-return investments only
  6. Mill adaption; technical conversion concept and project implementation plan

The Turnaround Process Value Creation is measured by = EBIT * (1-tax rate) – Kw * C ; where EBIT * (1-tax rate) is the after tax operating income, Kw is its weighted average cost of capital and C is the capital employed. C represents all sources of capital to the business on which it must earn a return.