Activities Worldwide; the focus being the paper industry

activities mapPatrick Sundholm

Activities worldwide. Long-term assignments in Finland, the USA, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, the UK, South Korea and Syria, and short-term assignments in Norway, Poland, Spain, France, the Philippines, Azerbaijan, India, Africa, China, Dubai and Russia.

Performance Improvement Characteristics

  • Turnaround program with effect of up to + 90 000 t/a;
  • Investments paid in < 1 year
  • Reduction of fixed costs – 15 %
  • Speed increase + 20 %
  • High operations standards achieved

Development of paper making technology

  • Surface sizing based on spray technology. Involvement in installation of new surface treatment equipment with immediate effect on energy consumption.
  • Coating on pilot, based on spray technology; both single and double coating
  • Hands-on papermaking covers newsprint, SC, LWC, copy papers, double-coated fine papers, graphical boards, linerboard, testliner and tissue paper. Basis weight range for papers produced is between 12 and 450 g/m2, paper web layers between 1 and 7.
  • Production, based on raw materials such as eucalyptus, northern soft-woods and hardwoods, southern pine and recycled fibre; experience of various pulping lines, including mechanical pulping (SGW, TMP, PGW, CTMP, CMP), recycled fibre plants, deinking plants and chemical pulp slushing. Involvement in both integrated mills (paper production and chemical pulp production) and stand-alone paper mills.