Paper Surface Functionality (PSF)

Concept in Development

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Surface treatment of paper and board is based on a special application of spraying technology and on a special design of the technical processes for feeding and re-circulating the flow of material to and from the surface treatment units.

Barrier chemicals, coating colours and starches can be applied in selected sequence on the paper and board surface and in controlled amounts.

MATERIAL SAVINGS: Applications based on spraying technology; such as application of barrier chemicals, coating colours and starches, potentially reduce the amount of substances applied, as compared to conventional methods.

ENERGY SAVINGS: A high solid content of coating colours and starches is applicable. It is foreseen that no interim drying or only a small amount of additional drying energy is required between layer applications.

SMALL EQUIPMENT SIZE; CONVERSIONS AND RETROFITS: Cost efficient retrofits of traditional paper and board surface treatment units possible; the spraying application requires little space compared to the equipment size of traditional surface treatment.

CURRENT STATUS OF DEVELOPMENT: Contact Patrick Sundholm, + 358 40 544 2300,