The Company

Patrick Sundholm Ltd Oy provides advisory services to the paper industry worldwide. The company is specialized in development of paper mill operations and management of turnaround processes, with a hands-on grip on paper machine runnability and efficiency. Patrick Sundholm Ltd Oy assists the Client in identifying and implementing performance improvement projects.

The company is actively involved in research and development work with focus on paper and board surface treatment, such as application of pigments, high intensity starch and barrier chemicals. The application is based on newly developed technology.

The company was founded in 1994 in Finland. It is owned and managed by Patrick Sundholm.

The company structure is built on a network of experts and companies. Services to the client are managed by Patrick Sundholm.

Patrick Sundholm Ltd Oy is working in close co-operation with Oy Keskuslaboratorio - Centrallaboratorium Ab, in Otaniemi Espoo, Finland, in developing new surface treatment technology. A large-scale pilot coater is available for testing.


Patrick Sundholm